Everything Good Sucks

Everything you might ever do that is worth doing will at some point suck.

gk on March 21, 2012 in Entrepreneurship About a 2 minute read.

Here's something you probably already know. You know it in your bones and in your heart and you will nod along with it but at the same time immediately forget it and pretend that you never heard it in the first place. The denial of this basic truth lies at the birth of nearly every entrepreneurial endeavor, but recognizing it is the key to seeing those endeavors through to fruition.

Here goes: Everything Good Sucks. Everything you might ever do that is worth doing will at some point suck. Every amazing world-changing business, every venture, every undertaking worth taking on at some point they all suck.

Ask anyone, search your own experience. At some point, Google sucked for Larry and Sergey. At some point (many points, actually...). Apple sucked for Steve Jobs.

There comes a time when no one gets it, no one cares, when the shit hits the fan, or when nothing at all is working, and the dream becomes a grind. Every dream always eventually becomes a grind. Eventually, the customers will leave, the press will turn bad, there will be an embarrassing incident or a lawsuit, or a customer-service snafu, or a leak, or a meltdown, or an argument, or a server crash, or a character assassination, or a hire gone bad, etc. These things are inevitable. they can not be avoided, but they can be survived. But the key to surviving them is that someone has to care.

That is why, the most important thing for any dream is that someone cares. The object of this caring is the most crucial thing. Far too often, people confuse a desire for money with caring. Everyone cares about making money, and every dream in some respect represents money. If you say “of course I are deeply about this project, because I am sure that it will make millions”, then you are doomed. Because when the project sucks (and it will) the money will vanish. The idea that

this particular project will make you rich will become laughable, an you will seek your riches elsewhere. And you sure as hell better care about that next project, too, because sure enough in due time it also will SUCK.

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